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    In the semiconductor industry, extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography is used to create complex patterns on silicon wafers. However, defects or particles can surface on the EUV mask during the process, which can impact the mask’s accuracy and quality.

    To avoid this, there is a masking process in which mask inspection systems are used to inspect the mask and detect any issues. Nedinsco’s inspection modules such as beam delivery systems, microscope heads, laser spot measurement modules, and opto-mechatronic tools are essential components of these systems. Helping to achieve high accuracy, quality, and stability in mask inspection.


    Nedinsco has all the necessary experience and in-depth knowledge directly in-house


    High-precision tooling that meets the requirements of the semiconductor industry


    To ensure optimal quality, we offer in-house cleanroom assembly and qualification testing


    Depending on your application, we can help you choose the perfect materials to optimize your production process.

    Beam Delivery System

    To produce the EUV light source used for mask inspection, a Beam Delivery System is used. This system uses two independent laser beams that are continuously aligned to land on the exact same spot. The laser triggers the evaporation of tin on an electrode, which then creates the EUV light.

    The opto-mechatronic module, designed and manufactured by Nedinsco, is the heart of the EUV inspection machine. It ensures that the two laser beams are precisely aligned and enables the production of the EUV light source for mask inspection.

    Beam Measurement Module

    In the semiconductor industry, lasers are being used for many applications. For most of these applications, the laser spot should be fully controlled in terms of power, diameter, circularity, etc. For example for micro laser soldering in a die bonder or a flip chip bonder, it is crucial to have full control over your laser spot. Another application is the EUV light source for EUV inspection machines.

    Nedinsco develops and produces laser spot modules for integration in these machines. These modules consist of a specific housing, optic components like mirrors and lenses, as well as the camera, electronics and software.

    From idea, to concept, to series production, Nedinsco supports and advises throughout this process in close cooperation with the customer.

    Depth-View ProTM

    Our Depth View ProTM is a sublime vision system that brings 3D objects into sharp focus with the finest detail and at the highest speed.

    By combining a unique optical design with state-of-the-art intelligent algorithms, the vision system increases the depth of field more than 10 times compared to traditional vision systems, with no loss of resolution or frame rate. By increasing the depth of field, objects can be brought into sharp focus over a greater depth and distance.

    Depth View ProTM provides a solution for all applications requiring a vision system that can capture images with superior depth of field without loss of resolution or imaging speed.

    The system particularly lends itself to microscopic applications where problems of limited depth of field are most common. However, the technology can also be used for a range of microscopic applications.

    Typical applications for the Depth View Pro vision system include wafer inspection after wafer dicing, wire bonding inspection, PCB inspection, CD overlay inspection, and more.

    Microscope Heads for Wafer Inspection (UV)

    During the wafer inspection process, it may happen that an error is discovered during the gross inspection. At that stage microscopic inspection is required.

    Nedinsco designs specific multi-microscope heads, which contain up to 7 objectives with different zoom ranges. Nedinsco microscope heads are integrated into a fully automated inspection line.

    The microscope heads are designed according to customer specifications, and during that process our experts will advise you on the best optics, electronics and mechanics needed for this module.

    Contact our specialists today with your request

    Nedinsco has all the necessary experience and in-depth knowledge directly in-house. Nedinsco distinguishes itself by supplying high-quality equipment that meets the requirements of the semiconductor industry, both today and in the future.

    Nedinsco can help you define all specifications in cooperation with you as our customer. Even when your optics design is already defined, we can support with the mechanical integration.

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