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Quality is Key

Nedinsco strives to be an innovative world leader in high precision optronics. We ensure optimal quality by offering world-class production, assembly and cleanroom facilities. Our customers require and expect a high level of quality, and often this quality is key in, for example, the safety of a crew.

Nedinsco meets the requirements of key quality standards by being AS 9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified. Quality is also defined by our ability to deliver products and services that fulfill the expectations of our customers with regards to performance and on-time delivery.

We achieve this through technical and commercial excellence, our highly motivated employees, and quality partnerships with customers, authorities and suppliers. Satisfied customers and authorities are key elements for the achievement of our strategic goals.

Quality Assurance

We design our products in a controlled manner. All of our projects are handled according to predefined processes; they are managed and reviewed based on customer requirements, quality standards, statutory and regulatory standards.

All of our products are certified in accordance with military and/or industry standards.

Product Testing & Qualification

Nedinsco products are subject to various specific test procedures before they are deemed safe and ready to use. This is especially important with regards to a wide variety of environmental influences that may affect our products’ functionality, durability, quality and reliability. That is why our products are tested from development up to qualification, all in accordance with strict standards governing their environmental resistance and electromagnetic compatibility. And of course, our common tests for the optics include reverse projection testing, modulation transfer function (MTF) testing, and camera MTF testing. Nedinsco owns a significant number of test equipment and has partnerships with accredited test laboratories for specific qualification demands.  

Modular Transfer Function Testing

Modular Transfer Function (MTF) is the predominant, objective and universal measure of performance for image-forming systems. MTF can be measured and calculated from lens design data, enabling us to compare the quality of image-forming systems with design expectations and to detect errors in production. MTF testing is used to characterize our electro-optical systems.

The image formed by a lens always differs from the original object. In general there is a loss of detail, a blurring or smoothing of the original scene.

Under the same test conditions, the polychromatic MTF of an image-forming system can be compared to the polychromatic MTF of a design.

MTF testing is used to determine the quality performance of Nedinsco’s electro-optical systems, including all different lenses and multi-element lens assemblies.

Temperature & Humidity Testing

We have our own in-house Temperature/Humidity Chambers: we are able to test our products in temperatures that range from approx. -46 to +71 degrees Celcius, according to the most common industry and military standards.

Shock & Vibration Testing

Vibration tests allow us to generate accelarations as seen e.g. on wheeled and tracked armoured vehicle or during launch of rockets (up to 96G). A typical test can last 15 minutes for the shortest burn-in test up to 16 hours per axis for qualifying tests. Following this test, products are checked for their continued functionality, such as: are the camera settings still the same, has the line of sight changed, broken parts, etc.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is the ability of electrical equipment and systems to function acceptably in their electromagnetic enrvironment by limiting the unintentional generation, propagation and reception of electromagnetic energy which may cause unwanted effects such as electromagnetic intereference (EMI) or even physical damage in operational equipment. We design our products to comply with the required EMC levels. The test laboratories we use for EMC testing are all accredited according to IEC/ISO 17025:2005.

Certification & Compliance to Military Standards

Nedinsco meets the requirements of key quality standards by owning the best quality certifications. AS 9100D/ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001 and AQAP2110 are the standard within our company. Nedinsco’s working procedures are all in compliance with the most common industry and military standards, such as MIL-STD-810. For specific questions on product requirements and standards, please contact us.

ISO9001 & AS9100 Certificate

Nedinsco’s quality management system is AS 9100/ISO 9001:2015 certified, the international quality management system standard for the Aerospace, Space and Defence (AS&D) industry.

ISO14001 Certificate

Nedinsco is ISO14001 certified. Controlling the environmental impact and limiting environmental risks as a result of our business activities is a primary responsibility of both management and every employee of Nedinsco.

AQAP 2110 Certificate

Nedinsco is certified according AQAP2110. This standard contains the contractual NATO requirements for suppliers in the defense industry.

Military Standards


Nedinsco’s working procedures are all in compliance with the most common industry and military standards, such as MIL-STD-810. For specific questions on product requirements and standards, please contact us.