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Imaging fiber optics

Fiber optic imaging  to transmit an image from end to end

The concept of fiber optic imaging uses the optical transmission properties of a bundle of fibers. Imaging applications require individual fibers to be aligned, fused, and bundled to function correctly as an image guide.

Situational awareness with fiber optics

Situational awareness in modern-day defence and security environments is heavily reliant on electro-optical technology. Of course video cameras and thermal cameras can be placed outside of the tank’s armour, connected only by wires, but electrical power is always required. Without power, how can light be redirected to go around a protective shield except by reflection via mirrors and prisms?

The answer is special kind of fiber optics, Wound Fiber Bundles (WFB). This is a cable composed of hundreds of thousands of tiny flexible strands of optical fibers which passively transmit the optical information of an image from one side to the other.

Because WFBs are completely passive, they allow personnel to maintain an outside view even if the vehicle is hit and/or electronic sighting devices become compromised. This fiber optic technology can also be used to provide multiple views out the rear of a vehicle so that soldiers can survey for combatants or cover before leaving a vehicle. Specific applications are situational awareness, targeting, ability to fire and 360 degree viewing.

Direct sighting devices

Nedinsco’s auxiliary sight products are using this fiber optic technology which can be used in tanks or armoured personnel carriers. These fiber optics consist of a flexible cable composed of glass fibers and connects an eyepiece in the interior of the vehicle to a front piece independently positioned on the tank’s exterior. Because the flexible and small nature of these WFB’s the system can be easily integrated into existing vehicles.

Our partnership with SCHOTT

Together with our partner SCHOTT we have developed our so-called BACK-UP SIGHT ( Gunners Auxiliary Sight). With our combined knowledge and experience in fiber optic imaging and optronics, we can help design a solution that works in even the most challenging environments.

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