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Optical design for your products

Optical system design, the basis for imaging, lighting or litho

In short, optical design is the manipulation of light through optical elements such as lenses and mirrors in order to meet optical requirements. In imaging systems such as a camera, this means focusing a scene on a two-dimensional focal plane array such as a CMOS.

The main challenge is to design an optical system that has as few aberrations and artefacts as possible and that can still be manufactured in terms of tolerances and geometry.

Optical designs are usually created using specialized software, also known as ray tracing software. At Nedinsco we use Code V, world leading software suite for optical system design.

Specifications for optical system design

Depending on the application, there might be a restriction on materials. Therefore, to create an optical design, specifications are needed. The customer usually only outlines a small part of the specifications and our optical experts fill in the missing gaps in the specs.

The requirements for an optical design depend heavily on the application. For more high-end systems, the specifications are often a trade-off to stay within the limits of what is physically possible.

Nedinsco’s high quality standards for optical design

To make an optical design, it is important to have a comprehensive knowledge of the physics behind it. To really optimize a design, it is often important to break the design down into smaller parts to know which parameters need to be changed or optimized.

Nedinsco distinguishes itself by offering very high quality standards for its optical designs. Our designs meet customer requirements with an unmatched efficiency. As Nedinsco also offers in-house optical systems production, including lens centering, we can control the most important parameters of an optical system in order to guarantee quality and reproducibility.

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