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    Our Ultra Corrections Units can, for example, be found in semiconductor photomask production machines all around the world. These machines require features and functionality for high throughput, precision and uniformity of structure, as well as extremely accurate alignment.


    Nedinsco has all the necessary experience and in-depth knowledge directly in-house


    High-precision tooling that meets the requirements of the semiconductor industry


    To ensure optimal quality, we offer in-house cleanroom assembly and qualification testing


    Depending on your application, we can help you choose the perfect materials to optimize your production process.

    Ultra-Correction Unit

    Nedinsco’s Correction Units are used as beam expanders in the optical path of the lithography system.

    This system is bound to extreme accuracies in terms of the movement of the optical groups. The laser beams are enlarged from 1mm to a maximum of 8mm.

    Contact our specialists today with your request

    Nedinsco has all the necessary experience and in-depth knowledge directly in-house. Nedinsco distinguishes itself by supplying high-quality equipment that meets the requirements of the semiconductor industry, both today and in the future.

    Nedinsco can help you define all specifications in cooperation with you as our customer. Even when your optics design is already defined, we can help you with the mechanical integration.

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