Beam Delivery System (BDS)

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    A Beam Delivery System is used to produce the EUV light source used for EUV mask inspection


    Nedinsco has all the necessary experience and in-depth knowledge directly in-house


    High-precision tooling that meets the requirements of the semiconductor industry


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    Beam Delivery System

    EUV lithography technology is indispensable for the fabrication process of highly integrated  semiconductor devices. Meanwhile, mask inspection with the EUV light source to detect defects in high-precision masks needs to be implemented to establish an EUV lithography mass production technology.

    A Laser Beam Delivery System is responsible for producing the EUV light source used for EUV mask inspection. The opto-mechatronic system continuously aligns two independent laser beams to land on the exact same spot where tin is evaporated on the electrode using a laser trigger. This creates the EUV light, which is used for mask inspection. Nedinsco designs and manufactures the opto-mechanical module, which is actually the heart of an EUV inspection machine.

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    Nedinsco has all the necessary experience and in-depth knowledge directly in-house. Nedinsco distinguishes itself by supplying high-quality equipment that meets the requirements of the semiconductor industry, both today and in the future.

    Nedinsco can help you define all specifications in cooperation with you as our customer. Even when your optics design is already defined, we can help you with the mechanical integration.

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