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Submarine Optronics design and manufacturing

An optronic mast is an optical instrument that conveys a panoramic view for surveillance, reconnaissance and navigation. Transmitting visual images through a long optical tube to the interior of a submarine and moving the line of sight in a vertical direction for safe positioning and navigation purposes.

Optronic mast technologies include a variety of sophisticated optical and electronic systems used for surveillance, observation, and reconnaissance on submarines. The combination of these technologies significantly enhances the surveillance, reconnaissance, and situational awareness capabilities of naval vessels outfitted with optronic masts. This enhancement allows for effective operation under various conditions and in the face of different threat scenarios.

High-Resolution Cameras

Optronic masts come equipped with high-resolution digital cameras that have the capacity to capture intricate images and videos. Many of these cameras possess day/night functionality, enabling effective surveillance across diverse lighting conditions.

Infrared (IR) Cameras

Infrared cameras, or thermal imaging cameras, have the ability to detect the heat signatures emitted by objects. This feature allows for surveillance and the identification of targets in situations of complete darkness or when visibility is impaired.

Laser Range Finders

Often included in optronic masts are laser range finders. These devices emit laser beams to precisely measure the distance to a target. Accurate range measurement is crucial for evaluating the proximity of potential threats or objectives.

Target Tracking Systems

Some advanced optronic masts are equipped with target tracking systems. These systems can automatically track and monitor moving objects, significantly improving situational awareness and the ability to respond promptly.

Implementing new technologies for submarine optronics

Nedinsco and its partner Hensoldt implement the latest technologies and highest resolution for the camera units that transmit the images to the visual channel and console displays. The private-market driven technology in this area advances very quickly and requires constant adaptation to the latest technologies. Especially in the field of sensors and cameras implemented in the optronic masts.

By constantly adapting the optronics to customer requests and needs, we believe that with selectable options (HDTV, Digital Still, HD Color, LLLTV , MWIR cameras, Laser Rangefinder, EW-GPS/Antennas, custom mast lengths, CMS integration, etc.) we can offer a wide range of submarine optronic functions.

Tailored optronic systems

The specification of the complete optronic mast system is determined by customer requirements and is matched with the specifications of the optronic mast and subassemblies. On this basis, we match their particular specification to the needs and level of the respective assembly and subassemblies specification. 

Each optronic system will be tailored to the needs and requirements of the entire platform and class of submarine, taking into account the specific mission profiles. The robustness, pressure density, overall functions and reliability of the optronic mast that enable safe navigation and maneuvering of submarines play an important role in the design.

Following these requirements, the lengths of the tube, the adaptation to the lifting devices (Motor Drive Unit) and the functions for integration into a Combat Management System will determine the respective design.

submarine optronics assembly
night vision marine vessel

Nedinsco’s expertise in building submarine optronics

Nedinsco has a long history and extensive expertise in the manufacture of mechanical-optical transmitting units. By building key components of the optronic mast, Nedinsco is also able to provide maintenance and service for the entire submarine optronics system.

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