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360° Situational Awareness

360° situational awareness system for military vehicles

Military missions are often complex and dangerous, especially when it comes to navigating a battleground. Heavy rain, blinding sunshine, fog, snow, or situations with too little light can make it difficult to see obstacles and enemies, putting the crew and the vehicle at risk. That’s why unobstructed sight is crucial to keep the army team safe and make combat more efficient. The FALCONA and AQUILA systems by Nedinsco increase crew and combat safety by providing a seamless 360° field of view (FOV) and detecting outside threats to maneuver in complex situations.

The FALCONA and AQUILA 360 situational awareness systems provide a seamless field of view (FOV) that ensures combat efficiency and crew safety during complicated missions. The modular optical sensors, operating in different spectral ranges such as low-light CMOS (daylight),  Short Wave Infra Red (SWIR) and Long Wave Infra Red (LWIR), offer unobstructed sight, even in challenging circumstances. The sensors’ names, inspired by birds of prey, match their value proposition: a sharp, hawk-eye view in any tense situation.

By mounting multiple rugged cameras on the vehicle with overlapping fields of view and using advanced imaging and software, our advanced systems are able to create a 360° image that gives your staff the agile scope that they need. Our solutions allow your crew to have a real time and seamless 360° overview and to switch between bird view, rear, left, right and front views.


A seamless 360° Field Of View (FOV) during complicated missions increases combat efficiency and safety of a military vehicle and its crew.


Optimum sight during day and night time, visibility through all weather conditions


Adaptable to any military compliant vehicle and into all the vehicle’s control systems.

State of the art video processing

Seamlessly connecting the input from different cameras to shape a 360° environment forms the backbone of both systems. Besides, the delay (or latency) caused by the processing of the raw images was brought to a minimum, making it a truly stunning piece of engineering. A personal, real-time video stream on every display in the vehicle facilitates fluent communication and affords efficiency within the team. It enables the team to react more quickly to dangerous situations.

The extraordinary quality of the sensors and lenses used, the powerful state of the art Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) and the sensational video editing software together form a rare combination of functionalities. Nedinsco’s FALCONA and AQUILA are therefore unique in the market.

The future is near: AI integration for enhanced detection

Nedinsco’s commitment to innovation doesn’t end with the FALCONA and AQUILA 360° systems. Our team is working behind the scenes to integrate AI technology with the cameras’ images to analyze and interpret them in real-time. With a powerful GPU on board, it is possible to use machine learning to train an algorithm that can identify and track objects from great distances and can give advice on the next course of action. This allows for faster decision-making during combat and better preparedness for potential dangers. Nedinsco will continue to make a difference in the future, in order to make the work of those who protect us safer.

Other core technologies & capabilities

We know all about the high-end technologies needed to design and manufacture the best possible vision systems.


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