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In early 1921, the “Dutch Instruments Company” was founded by the German firm Carl Zeiss of Jena. At the time, its headquarters was a former chocolate factory.


In 1923, the construction of a new factory complex was started in Venlo on behalf of the Carl Zeiss company. The Nedinsco Factory, now a beautiful historical monument in the heart of Venlo, was built with a special tower. The tower was used to align optical instruments and also served to calibrate larger measurements. This was done by aligning the instruments to the many church towers in Venlo.


The building is special not only for its architecture, but also for its cultural and historical importance. After World War I, Carl Zeiss used Nedinsco to build periscopes and long-range viewers. The community of Venlo was pleased with the arrival of Nedinsco because the company provided employment and stimulated technical education in the city. After World War II, the Nedinsco factory became the property of the Dutch government.


The company was resold to a private owner, a manufacturer of optical and precision instruments. During this time, Nedinsco mainly made binoculars for the army, but was also well known for its Nedinsco Primo cameras.


Nedinsco moved to a new, modern building on the Jan van Riebeeckweg in Venlo.

In 2014, Nedinsco acquired the optronics division of Thales and the product range has now expanded to include opto-mechatronic modules for a variety of markets; Nedinsco now offers its top-quality products worldwide.


Building a future together.

For more than one hundred years, Nedinsco has strived to provide its customers with innovative and reliable vision solutions. Today, Nedinsco specializes in the design and production of high-quality camera systems, day and night vision solutions, 360-degree cameras, sensor platforms, periscopes and direct vision modules for defence, semiconductor, meteorology, offshore and aerospace applications. In addition, Nedinsco aims to enter new markets and contribute to a rapidly changing world. Nedinsco has a solid R&D department and world-class production, assembly and cleanroom facilities. Nedinsco’s various divisions – mechanics, electronics, software – operate in-house, in accordance with any relevant certifications, such as AS 9100.