Code of Conduct – by Arno Bouwmeester, CEO Nedinsco

At Nedinsco B.V., we are committed to fostering a culture of integrity, responsibility, and ethical behavior in all aspects of our business. Our Code of Conduct serves as a guiding framework, outlining the values and principles that we hold dear and expect all employees to adhere to in their daily operations. This document aims to provide clear guidance on the standards we expect from every member of our team, helping to create a work environment that is conducive to trust, respect, and collaboration.

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is not only to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations but also to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct. By understanding and adhering to the guidelines outlined in this document, employees contribute to the ongoing success and reputation of Nedinsco B.V., while promoting a sustainable and responsible approach to business.

We encourage all employees to familiarize themselves with the contents of this Code of Conduct and to uphold its principles in their daily work. Together, we can continue to build a company that is a source of pride for all stakeholders and a positive force in the communities we serve.

Human Rights

We are committed to upholding workers’ human rights, and to treating workers with dignity and respect as stipulated by the international community. This applies to all workers including temporary, migrant, student, contract and direct employees and any other type of worker.

We at Nedinsco recognize that in addition to minimizing work-related injury and illness, a safe and healthy work environment enhances the quality of our products and services, production consistency and employee retention and morale. We also recognize that ongoing worker input and training is essential to identifying and preventing health and safety issues in the workplace.

Environmental Commitment

We recognize that environmental responsibility is integral to producing world class products. We are committed to making continuous improvements by reducing the environmental impact of our products and facilities.

Our dedication goes beyond compliance with the law and encompasses the integration of sound environmental practices into our business decisions. We are guided by our environmental principles and consider the environment in all aspects of our business. We introduced initiatives to reduce the use of environmentally hazardous chemicals and are producing and selling products that comply with the RoHS and REACH directive.

When it comes to our manufacturing operations, we minimize adverse effects on the community, environment and natural resources while safeguarding public health and safety. To meet our social responsibilities and achieve success in the marketplace, we at Nedinsco uphold the highest standards of ethics.

No bribery

We conduct business in accordance with the laws and principles of fair competition, observing objectivity, non-discrimination and transparency. This also means that we do not bribe or influence third parties with favors and/or kickbacks. We also do not allow third parties to bribe or influence us in any way. We offer equal opportunities to all providers and parties. Therefore, we do not make any agreements or discuss any subjects with customers and suppliers that may negatively affect the market.Nedinsco B.V.

Established Management Systems

At Nedinsco, we have established management systems whose scope is tied directly to the aforementioned. These management systems have been designed to ensure the following:

  1. compliance with any applicable laws, regulations and customer requirements related to our operations and products;
  2. conformance with this code of conduct; and
  3. identification and mitigation of operational risks related to this code.
  4. This code of conduct also facilitates continual improvement.

Additional information

If you have any questions regarding our Code of Conduct, please write to or use the contact form on our website.