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Surveillance optics
to track your target

Optical systems for surveillance and security

Nedinsco designs, develops and produces various stabilized and robust systems, including sensors and cameras for observation, reconnaissance, identification and tracking of targets.

These optronic systems can be installed in critical infrastructures, such as harbors, military camps, airports and offshore platforms. Situational awareness is essential for continued operation even under the most difficult conditions.

A clear view with surveillance optics

Nedinsco’s products help crews detect, observe and identify threats and track targets, people and objects. Our solutions are used worldwide for border surveillance, evaluation and monitoring.

When mounted on, for example, reconnaissance vehicles, these systems enable a clear view in all visibility and weather conditions.

Nedinsco multi-sensor optronic units can be installed on infantry fighting vehicles, main battle tanks, submarines, ocean-going vessels, airport surveillance towers, manned and unmanned agricultural vehicles and many other platforms.

When it comes to surveillance electronics, keeping the focus on your target is vital. Nedinsco’s multi-sensor platforms offer the highest image quality at long distances and during slow movements. The view must remain clear and stable when observing a person walk at a far distance. When the sensor platform moves too fast, you miss your target or cannot follow it clearly. The Pan & Tilt units are operated from inside a vehicle or vessel. Operators can choose settings for thermal images, distance measuring, day view, zoom, 360 view, etc.

To ensure stabilized operation, we implement a seamless, perfect combination of encoders, motors, bearings, gyro, mechanics, electronics and software. Depending on the customer’s needs, we can also advise on the best zoom objectives.

Nedinsco uses in-house technologies and processes to design state-of-the-art surveillance optronics that cater to the highest standards. By combining high-end cameras, sensors, thermal imaging cameras, laser rangefinders and the best housing materials, our systems provide optimum visibility for mobile or stationary use.

Our multi-sensor systems offer long-range vision, with the unmatched capability to spot individuals, objects and vehicles at distances of up to 6 km and even up to 10 km at sea. The systems can withstand extreme and harsh environmental conditions, such as salt fog, thermal shock, exceptional pressure and temperatures.

Other core technologies & capabilities

We know all about the high-end technologies needed to design and manufacture the best possible vision systems.


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