Precision work in a dust free environment

Once all components are ready and in-house, we start the assembly of your product.

The optical assembly department is where optical components such as lenses and optical windows are placed in their housings. The complete optical systems, such as high-end cameras are assembled and calibrated. Specialist, precision work in a dust-free environment.

Your product contains precision-engineered and complex mechanical and electrical components or modules.
Our specialists in the assembly departments handle the construction of these parts.

Optical Assembly

Our Optical Assembly department works according to strict rules and guidelines. All the parts we need for optical assembly are passing through our decontamination line where they are thoroughly cleaned. Many of the products we supply will be exposed to extreme conditions. We take this into account when choosing the materials.

Nedinsco specializes in the production, adjustment and calibration of optical systems. This means that you can install the products delivered by us immediately because all the necessary adjustments and settings have been carried out by us.

Our clean room is part of the Optical Assembly Department. This clean working environment allows us to assemble products and components that need to be extremely clean.

All products are processed in flow cabinets. UV light is one of the methods we use to check them for contamination. Our clean room is equipped with modern equipment for laser calibration and adjustment of optical components.

Mechanical Assembly

Our Mechanical Assembly department integrates and builds precision mechanical parts into semi-finished or finished products. This department mainly employs instrument makers and other professionals with a mechanical background.

During the assembly of parts their knowledge and experience provide valuable input as to how we can make your product even better. Regular consultation between you and this team is an essential part of the overall process.

Electrical Assembly & Software

From simple switches to complex electric motors, our Electrical Assembly department ensures your product runs smoothly. Software programming and testing are included in the workflow.

Although our knowledge is right up to date, it also goes back a long way, so we can draw on it if, for example, when your product requires upgrading.

Step 4: Quality Control