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Surveillance & security camera design

Explosion proof camera manufacturer

Nedinsco ruggedized cameras are designed to function in harsh environments such as low (-32°C) temperatures, high (+71°C) temperatures and are able to withstand high levels of shock and vibration.

Nedinsco cameras are mainly used in the defence and security industry and can be found in various armoured vehicles, on naval ships and on artillery stations. Nedinsco cameras are used for targeting, situational awareness, border control and driver assistance.

Camera Characteristics

Nedinsco offers standard solutions for you to choose from. In the past decades, we have developed optical solutions that suit the most common defence applications, as well as applications in safety & security, off-shore, harbours, etc.

Depending on the specifications, such as the required FOV (Field of View), range, sensors, DRI (Detection, Recognition, Identification), MTF (Modulation Transfer Function), we can select or develop a ruggedized objective that meets your needs. A standard video output can be selected for all Nedinsco cameras. Currently available output variants include: CCIR, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI.

Essential features with regards to camera design can include video format, color or monochrome video, image processing, communication protocols, power requirements, fixed focus or variable focus, athermalization, fixed Field Of View or electronic/optical zoom and optical distortion limitations.

Nedinsco has many years of experience in designing standard and custom-made cameras. We have extensive knowledge of optical system design, digital and analog electronics, materials, software and firmware. We are also well versed in military standards, quality standards and certification.

In recent years, Nedinsco has developed a unique concept known as image fusion. With image fusion, multiple bandwidths such as VIS (Visual, 400-700nm), SWIR (0.9-1.7µm), LWIR (8-12µm) can be combined, thus providing excellent visibility for safe driving or boating. As such, we ensure safe navigation, both during the day and at night in poor visibility conditions, without the use of light emitting equipment on vehicles.

Having an excellent Line Of Sight in optical (zoom) systems can be a matter of life or death. When zooming in on the target, the target should stay on the same spot on the gunner’s screen. This means having control of the optical and mechanical design and assembly as well as keeping tolerances to a defined level.

Nedinsco uses the most modern innovations, such as turning for optical alignment: the edge of the mount and flange surfaces of mounted spherical, aspherical and cylindrical lenses are produced in such a way that the axis of symmetry of the mount coincides with the optical axis of the lens.

Our latest technology also offers solutions that allow us to merge images from different sensors. This way, the cameras always maintain the best possible vision. Even when the weather is poor, when there’s lots of smoke or they experience heavy vibrations.

Custom made camera solutions

Nedinsco’s camera design differs from other camera manufacturers as we combine a ruggedized camera design with all the required specifications. We offer in-house development, production, assembly and qualification – all under one roof.

In the event that your requirements do not match our standard solutions, we can offer a customized camera design that suits your needs.

If you have any questions about camera design, please contact us today!

Other core technologies & capabilities

We know all about the high-end technologies needed to design and manufacture the best possible vision systems.


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