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Mechatronic design

Optomechanical design for the defence industry

With the design of MOTS optical systems (Military-Off-The-Shelf), Nedinsco focuses on making robust systems. The optical systems have to perform under harsh environmental situations within their specifications.

During the design of our MOTS product families, we constantly focus on a modular approach. In order to create products that can be easily adapted to our customers’ needs in a cost-effective way and with a short time-to-market (Configure To Order approach).

All our mechatronic engineers have knowledge of mechanical, electrical and software engineering.

The design process of optomechanical systems

Our specialized engineers work closely together and are skilled in the optical system design of rugged cameras, optical housings for periscopes, highly qualified optical observation systems for the Defence industry. Next to that, they also design opto-mechanical tools for semiconductors, optical tracking and observation systems for off-shore applications, trains, meteorology applications and much more. Their goal is to develop a product that meets your needs.

After evaluating your request, our technical office passes the assignment on to our engineers in the R&D department. The team discusses the assignment, and the project manager and system architect divide the tasks among the appropriate people. We always work in this way, because it allows us to quickly achieve good results for you, all in an efficient and effective manner.

Other core technologies & capabilities

We know all about the high-end technologies needed to design and manufacture the best possible vision systems.


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