360° camera systems for any armoured vehicle

Nedinsco developed a series of customizable, real time, 360° situational awareness systems that are tailored to the exact needs of any armoured vehicle. The new FALCONA and AQUILA systems increase crew and combat safety by detecting outside threats and by making it easier to maneuver in complex situations.

With the 360° view cameras of Nedinsco, you have a real time birds eye view over the situation. Increase efficiency with the high-resolution 360° view camera and have a optimum sight during day and night time.

PENTAVISION 360 – Mobile Mapping Camera

mobile surveillance camera
The PENTAVISION 360 is a camera system for mobile mapping Details

FALCONA 360 – Close Range Camera

Nedinsco Falcona 360
The FALCONA 360 is a real-time, 360 degree situational awareness system for driver enhancement Details

AQUILA 360 – Local Situational Awareness System

Nedinsco Aquila 360
The AQUILA 360 is a real-time, 360 degree real-time situational awareness system for fast identification of distant threats Details