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Nedinsco delivers high-performance opto-mechatronic solutions for numerous international customers with specific requirements in the defence, semicon and safety & security industries


Experts in Opto-mechatronics


Nedinsco designs and manufacturs opto-mechatronic systems, Electro-Optical-Targeting-Systems (EOTS), high-end cameras, direct view solutions, sensor platforms and boresights for the defence industry, all available in ruggedized designs and with the required military certifications.


Nedinsco delivers opto-mechanical tooling & modules for semicon inspection, such as vision system, laser spot measurement modules, microscope heads and Beam Delivery Systems for wafer inspection (UV) machines as well as for mask inspection (EUV) machines in the semiconductor industry.

Safety & Security

The safety & security industry requires robust observation solutions for all environments and conditions. Our cameras and camera systems are used for 360 degree views, streetview, inspection, observation and identification.