At Nedinsco, we're dedicated to delivering cutting-edge maritime surveillance technology. Our optronic periscope masts are at the forefront of innovation, crucial for operations that demand enhanced situational awareness with minimal exposure.

An optronic mast combines optical and electronic systems for advanced surveillance without breaching the waterline, a significant advancement over traditional periscopes. These masts feature high-resolution digital cameras, infrared cameras, and laser rangefinders, enabling crews to monitor the environment with exceptional clarity while remaining covert.

The advantages of optronic masts include outstanding image quality for precise analysis, customizable sensor integration for mission-specific needs, and a lower risk of enemy detection. The sophisticated optics and electronics bolster the vessel's stealth, increasing operational effectiveness and safety.

The optronic masts are produced in co-operation with Hensoldt Optronics GmbH. Our optronic masts lead in naval surveillance, offering strategic benefits to global fleets. Our focus on innovation ensures our products are dependable and efficient, keeping maritime operations informed and secure.


Periscopes assemblies submarines
We design and produce high quality assemblies for optronic periscope mast systems. Details