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Nedinsco provides the defence market with a complete range of opto-mechatronical systems. Our products and services are based on essential and unique mechanical, optical, electronic and software competencies. Nedinsco’s cameras, electro-optical sensor platforms and vision systems are designed to meet the most stringent customer requirements, both today and in the future.

Nedinsco’s camera systems for observation and targeting enable ground forces to track targets of interest even under the most adverse weather and lighting conditions. A mission’s success depends heavily on the crew’s ability to observe and evaluate the terrain, detect and identify targets, and track them under all conditions. Vision systems provide situational awareness at all times and allow the crew to detect threats that are imperceptible to the naked eye.

Ultra-precise optical and optronic systems are essential for addressing with chaos, disorder and adverse atmospheric conditions. Accurate and reliable, our ultra-precise optical and optronic systems are designed to withstand adverse environmental conditions and to run day and night, stationary and mobile. Nedinsco’s camera and vision solutions can be easily integrated into armoured vehicles, used on missile platforms while our stabilized vision platforms can be mounted on reconnaissance vehicles.

Nedinsco is based in the Netherlands, a traditionally powerful maritime nation with strong trade relations around the world and with almost unparalleled expertise with regards to naval shipbuilding. Situations at sea are challenging, and missions at sea are often characterized by extremely difficult environmental conditions and many potential threats.

With over 100 years of experience in optical solutions, Nedinsco has the technology you need above and below the surface at sea. Our electro-optical sensor platforms are used worldwide for situational awareness and targeting, and play a key role in coastal surveillance. Our optronic solutions for submarines can be found in periscopes and provide direct vision at all times.

High-performance airborne optronics for effective identification.

Nedinsco develops airborne optronics for use in aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and helicopters. Our high-performance solutions enable effective detection and identification during observation missions. Our day- and night-vision cameras, infrared applications and camera systems for drones work no matter what – even under adverse light and weather conditions.

Our camera systems also, for example, enable air crews to train pilots from a distance.

Nedinsco complies with the latest standards for aerospace manufacturing by adhering to AS9100 Quality Management System standards.

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