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Nedinsco core technologies


From design – to proto – to series production

Working with Nedinsco means working with a technology partner that takes all quality and maintenance issues off your hands – whether it is design, development, manufacturing, surface treatment, clean-room assembly, testing, quality control, maintenance or lifetime service.

Our mission is to develop and manufacture mechanical, optical and opto-mechatronic products and subassemblies of the highest possible quality, we are dedicated to deliver optimal solutions to our customers.

We have an extensive expertise and a wide range technologies for high-end opto-mechatronics and strive to build strong partnerships with our customers.

We know all about the high-end technologies needed to design and manufacture the best possible vision systems. Find out more about the specific disciplines here:

Optical design

Camera design

Product Testing & Qualification

Ruggedized design

Mechatronic design

Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) camera technology

360° Situational Awareness (LSAS)

Image fusion

IED Detection Imaging

Imaging fiber optics

Surveillance optronics

Submarine optronics

Designing Optical Systems for Semicon