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    Nedinsco manufactures high-performance optical assemblies & sub-assemblies for the entire Optronic Masts


    An optronic mast combines optical and electronic systems for advanced surveillance, making it an essential and critical system for a submarine


    Crucial for operations that demand enhanced situational awareness with minimal exposure


    For the production of submarine optronics, Nedinsco uses its in-house know-how on optics, lenses, software and fine mechanics

    Leading-edge optics for submarine optronic masts

    On behalf of our partner Hensoldt Optronics GmbH Oberkochen, we produce assemblies for optronic periscope mast systems, which can be fully integrated into submarine weapon systems.

    An optronic mast allows a submarine crew to monitor their surroundings with exceptional clarity, while remaining continuously hidden. The optronic mast is equipped with high-resolution digital cameras, infrared cameras and laser rangefinders.

    Excellent image quality for accurate analysis, customizable sensor integration for mission-specific needs and a low risk of enemy detection are the advantages of an optronic mast. The optronic masts are reliable, efficient and offer strategic advantages. The priority is on a safe maritime operation.

    These systems are not only suitable for new submarines, but are also a solution for existing submarines. Do you want to update an existing submarine with new technology? Then an optronic mast can be used or a combination is made of a traditional periscope with an optronic mast. The options are examined per submarine and fully tailor-made.

    Optical & electronic 

    Within an optronic mast, optical and electronic systems are combined to create advanced surveillance without crossing the waterline.

    Optical Systems

    To capture visual information, a periscope contains high-quality optical systems, such as cameras and lenses. These systems provide high-resolution images and videos, under many different lighting conditions.

    Electronic Sensors

    A periscope mast also often contains electronic sensors, such as infrared cameras and thermal imaging equipment. These sensors enable surveillance, even in low light conditions.

    submarine optronics assembly

    Nedinsco’s know-how on submarine optics

    For the production of advanced optronic periscope mast systems for submarines, Nedinsco uses its in-house know-how on optics, lenses, software and fine mechanics.

    Our extensive, combined knowledge of fine mechanics and optics is crucial to achieving the highest standards of accuracy while maintaining the highest level of stability.

    To ensure optimal quality, we offer in-house production, high-precision assembly and qualification testing.

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