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360° camera systems

for real time situational awareness

A seamless 360° Field Of View (FOV) during complicated missions increases combat efficiency and safety of a military vehicle and its crew.

By providing an unobstructed view in conjunction with full armor, the danger to the crew can be significantly reduced. Common direct sight systems on armored vehicles are usually displayed as sight blocks, limiting the operator’s Field Of View.  

Nedinsco’ s Local Situational Awareness System (LSAS) camera technology using advanced imaging technology providing 360° Situational Awareness (360 SA) to soldiers in a real-time low latency video stream. External optical sensors operating in different spectral ranges, e.g. low light CMOS and LWIR, feed their images to the LSAS video distribution system and from there on to the vehicle-mounted displays to compose 360 SA of the battle space.


A seamless 360° Field Of View (FOV) during complicated missions increases combat efficiency and safety of a military vehicle and its crew.


Optimum sight during day and night time, visibility through all weather conditions


Adaptable to any military compliant vehicle and into all the vehicle’s control systems.

An unobstructed, panoramic view

The Nedinsco LSAS camera system can be positioned on the vehicle in such a way that an unobstructed field of view is achieved and an overlap of fields of view is achieved. The video distribution system combines the images from all optical sensors, regardless of spectral ranges, and distributes the merged image to the crew.

Full visibility in all conditions

By linking several optical sensors together, it is much easier to combat during the day and at night, in all possible visibility conditions, the route can be planned more safely and information can be exchanged more quickly.

Multiple rugged camera systems connected to a video distribution system send images to multiple screens and are available to crew and operators, such as the driver, gunner, commander, etc. Digitally sharing critical information saves time, promotes better collaboration and increases combat efficiency.

Suitable for every armored vehicle

Nedinsco’s experienced R&D team has adapted the LSAS to common open architecture interfacing, for example NGVA, allowing the LSAS system to be adapted to any military compliant vehicle and integrated into the vehicle’s control systems.

The open architecture design allows for seamless integration into existing and future combat systems without having to reinvent the wheel for each new customer, saving money and time while providing advanced environmental awareness technology to armored vehicle crews and their dismounted fighters.

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