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Periscope design and manufacturing

A periscope is an optical instrument that conveys a panoramic view for surveillance, reconnaissance and navigation. Transmitting visual images through a long optical tube to the interior of a submarine and moving the line of sight in a vertical direction for safe positioning and navigation purposes.

Nedinsco covers the complete process from designing and manufacturing the entire periscope. From mechanical, high-end optical assemblies, to sub-assemblies for the entire periscope, with an emphasis on the eyepiece box, the tube and the drive mechanism (Motor Drive Unit).

For submarines and other military uses, the periscope consists essentially of a long tube with magnifying and relay lenses and prisms at both ends. Supported by an elevation prism for hemispheric images and auxiliary optics to display and overlay the camera images in the visual channel.

Nedinsco’s expertise in building submarine optronics

Nedinsco has a long history and extensive expertise in the design and manufacture of mechanical-optical transmitting units. With their ability to design camera objectives, it allows them to easily transition to the design and manufacture of submarine periscopes and their sub-assemblies.

By building key components of the periscope, Nedinsco is also able to provide maintenance and service for the entire periscope system.

The specification of the entire periscope system is determined by the customer’s requirements and is matched to the periscope and sub-assembly specifications. Based on this, Nedinsco matches this specific specification to the needs and level of the respective assembly and sub-assembly specification.

Each periscope system will be tailored to the needs and requirements of the entire platform and class of submarine, taking into account the specific mission profiles. The robustness, pressure density, overall functions and reliability of the periscopes that enable safe navigation and maneuvering of submarines play an important role in the design.

Following these requirements, the lengths of the tube, the adaptation to the lifting devices (Motor Drive Unit) and the functions for integration into a Combat Management System will determine the respective design.

Implementing new technologies for periscopes

Nedinsco implements the latest technologies and highest resolution for the camera units that transmit the images to the visual channel and console displays. The private-market driven technology in this area advances very quickly and requires constant adaptation to the latest technologies. Especially in the field of sensors and cameras implemented in the periscopes.

By constantly adapting the periscopes to customer requests and needs, we believe that with selectable options (HDTV, Digital Still, HD Color, LLLTV , MWIR cameras, Laser Rangefinder, EW-GPS/Antennas, custom mast lengths, CMS integration, etc.) we can offer a wide range of periscope functions.

Other core technologies & capabilities

We know all about the high-end technologies needed to design and manufacture the best possible vision systems.


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