Nedinsco’s boresights are produced with the utmost attention to detail to ensure the best results. They are the most accurate boresights available on the market today.

The effectiveness of a gun is highly dependent on the alignment of the barrel to the aiming device. The better the alignment relative to each other, the greater the chance of a hit on the 1st round. Nedinsco boresights are used to check the alignment of the gun relative to the aiming device and correct it if necessary. Nedinsco offers a complete range of boresights, which provide direct vision by means of an integrated reticle. Depending on the caliber, we can customize the sizes to your needs.


Boresight small uitgeknipt
The BORESIGHT 7.62 is our muzzle reference system for small caliber weapon alignment Details


Nedinsco Boresights Nedinsco
Boresights for medium & large caliber guns, our muzzle reference systems for weapon alignment Details

BORCAM – Camera Module for Boresights

BORCAM Nedinsco
Boresighting with a camera enhances alignment accuracy Details