News5 October 2023

Elbit Systems America and Nedinsco sign teaming agreement

An investment in strengthening partnerships


Nedinsco and Elbit Systems of America  are pleased to announce their latest step in strengthening their partnerships. They signed a cooperation agreement to promote Nedinsco’s BACK-UP SIGHT in the U.S. armored vehicle market. This agreement addresses the growing demand for non-powered GAS (Gunners’ Auxiliary Sight) equipment in the Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) program in the US.

“I am delighted that our companies are joining forces in a brilliant way to provide unique solutions to armored vehicle crews worldwide, enhancing their survivability and lethality.”

Arno Bouwmeester, CEO Nedinsco

The OMFV program is a U.S. Army program to replace the M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles. OMFV is part of the next generation combat vehicle program. In this next generation of vehicles, it is a critical requirement to have non-powered direct vision equipment available to integrate into the vehicles.

With more than 100 years of experience in building vision systems, Nedinsco is well aware of the challenges of losing all power in a vehicle during combat. Combining the knowledge of its own R&D department with the strong market position of Elbit Systems USA, the Gunner Auxiliary Sights are designed to serve both as a direct sighting device in the event of power loss and to replace traditional periscopes in a vehicle.

As a major player in the US defense market, Elbit America is expanding its market in the US by investing in know-how, expanding their product portfolio and meeting offset requirements.

“The cooperation with Nedinsco adds an important and unique capability to our Ground Combat Systems franchise.  These fiber optic gunner sights provide enhanced performance at a reduced SWAP-C that Elbit America is proud to offer to our warfighters.”

Ridge Sower, Elbit America VP of Ground Combat & Precision Targeting

For more information about the co-operation between the two companies, please contact:

Mr. Marc Adriaans – Nedinsco
Commercial Director