Welcome to NEDINSCO

Are you ready for a short tour?

At Nedinsco, we make precision instruments and components for the defence, aerospace, industry, and semiconductor industries. When we say ‘we’, we mean our experts who work together intensively across their various disciplines.

You can find all these disciplines under one roof in Venlo, which is quite remarkable. The fact that we have everything under one roof means our lines of communication are short, enabling us to tackle and overcome challenges more quickly and easily.

It also has a positive effect on our employees: they can always see how their contribution fits in with the greater scheme of things and what the end result will be. This in turn engenders a high level of commitment.
Nedinsco employees from various disciplines actively share their ideas from the beginning to the end of each development process.

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Step 1

Development & Design

You have a specific question. That’s how every project starts.
The question comes to us through our sales managers at Development & Design,
which is where our engineers come up with the optimum system design for your product.

Step 2

Production – Parts Manufacturing

Our Parts Manufacturing department does more than just producing
the components for your product. It is also where we make
prototypes and where our work planners write the
production programs.

Step 3

Production – Surface Treatments

For finishing your product, we have
a special Surface Treatments department in Production
as well as our own paint shop.

Step 4

Cleanroom assembly

In order to eliminate the possibility of
contamination by fine particulate matter, dust, etc., we can
assemble your product in our cleanroom. We do this mainly for products destined
for the aerospace or semiconductor industries. We can also be of service
to other branches with similar requirements.

Step 5

Optical assembly

Our building has two locations where the assembly and
fitting of optical components take place. Optical Assembly is the
largest assembly department at Nedinsco.

Step 6

Mechanical assembly

Your product contains precision-engineered
and frequently complex mechanical components and/or modules.
Our specialists in the Mechanical Assembly department handle
the construction of these parts.

Step 7

Electrical assembly

Our Electrical Assembly department is responsible
for the electrical part of your product. This is
where all electronic modules are assembled and fitted.

Step 8

Quality management

Quality management runs like a thread through
our manufacturing process. All components, materials,
and products entering or leaving our company are
subjected to strict checks.

Step 9

Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance is not a physical department
at Nedinsco. It is the joint responsibility of all the
departments we have just introduced you to.