Nedinsco collaborating on pioneering laser-communication technology

The need for rapid, secure data transmission continues apace and is likely to be in increasing demand for years to come.

The number of systems that need to exchange data between one another is growing, and with that, the quantity of data.

Major online streaming services have recently been asked to reduce the quality of their services to free up more bandwidth for other types of communication.
Much of this communication is via satellites, utilizing Radio Frequency Technology. To help meet increasing demand, Nedinsco is working on a new technology that will help to expand the existing infrastructure. The new technology utilizes laser light instead of radio frequencies. Since 2014, Nedinsco has been working with TNO to develop this pioneering laser technology for the aerospace industry.
Using lasers is very advantageous because of their greater efficiency, speed, and safety. This technology also offers a solution for the use of quantum key distribution.

The Netherlands has a lengthy history in high-end opto-mechatronic series production. Series production of high-quality opto-mechanical systems for the space industry is new.
To service the global market with this specific expertise, Nedinsco has formed a consortium with VDL ETG, DEMCOM, Hyperion, and TNO under the name ‘FSO Instruments’. FSO Instruments is the laser communication equipment provider.
Further information and a short video on the collaboration between Nedinsco and TNO can be found here:

International attention to laser technology

Recent weeks have seen articles on laser technology published in both the Algemeen Dagblad newspaper and Laserfocusworld magazine. You can find these articles here (first in Dutch):