Facts speak louder than words

Naturally, we at Nedinsco are happy with substantial orders.
But even more so, we seek strong relationships with our customers.
Partnerships. Based on long-term mutual trust. In which both parties benefit from a fruitful collaboration.
The fact that Nedinsco has been in business for nearly a century is the direct result of the fact that Nedinsco has always put quality and the interests of its customers first.

We realize that promises alone are not enough. Therefore, allow us to present some facts:

  • Nedinsco achieves a first-time-right score of 98%.
  • Nedinsco has a customer satisfaction score of 94%.
  • Nedinsco can boast a rejection rate of 0.23%.
  • Nedinsco delivers higher quality at lower costs.
  • Nedinsco delivers faster, thanks to efficient procedures.
  • Total Cost of Ownership of Nedinsco products is considerably lower than average market prices.
  • Nedinsco achieves the smallest possible tolerances with surface treatments.
  • Nedinsco is an expert in ruggedizing sensitive instruments for Defence and Space.
  • Nedinsco extensively tests all products before shipment.

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