Nedinsco celebrates its 100th anniversary

At the beginning of 1921, the “Nederlands Instrumenten Compagnie” was founded by the German firm Carl Zeiss from Jena. At the time, this happened in an old disused chocolate factory.
Nowadays, exactly 100 years later, the company specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality cameras, boresights, direct vision devices, opto-mechatronic modules and much more.

Due to the current corona pandemic, this important milestone is not being celebrated extensively, but of course this important moment will receive special attention later this year.

From 1921 to now
In 1923, on behalf of Zeiss in Venlo, the construction of a new factory with a special tower was started. The tower building was used to align the optical instruments and also served to calibrate the larger measuring distances. This was done by adjusting the instruments to the many church towers in Venlo. In the 1930s, Nedinsco grew into a company with a positive effect on the regional economy. In 1953 the company became independent and in 2007 Nedinsco moved to a new, modern building. In 2014, Nedinsco took over the Optronica Division of Thales and the portfolio of products has now been expanded to opto-mechatronic modules for all kinds of markets and Nedinsco delivers its products worldwide in top quality.

In 2021, the Venlo location employs approximately 120 people and Nedinsco has the ambition to continue to provide innovative, opto-mechatronic solutions to defense, semiconductors and other high-end industrial markets as a leading, independent company. In addition, Nedinsco wants to tap into new markets and contribute to a rapidly evolving world. With a powerful in-house R&D department and a unique combination of world-class production, assembly and cleanroom facilities, Nedinsco guarantees optimum quality.