How it’s made!

Interested in how we at Nedinsco can make your car smartphone machine laptop even smarter?

At Nedinsco, numerous departments work together to develop technologies for a brighter future. After all, collaboration is essential in making pioneering innovations a reality. Working with colleagues and clients, we develop high-quality opto-mechanical solutions that make machines and products smarter and better. These might include your car, your smartphone, or your laptop.

Below, you can read more about how this technology contributes towards a smarter world.

Pioneering EUV technology for the latest generation of chips

Our technical expertise and creative spirit have helped us to develop high-quality opto-mechanical solutions for more than a century – solutions for global brands in diverse markets. We work together to develop technology that helps drive the world forwards. For instance, we are involved in the development and production of critical, pioneering parts for machines that produce and inspect semiconductor chips.

For one of our clients, we developed and produced the Beam Delivery System (BDS). A revolutionary system!

The Beam Delivery System is the core of the high-brightness Extreme Ultra Violet (EUV) light source that facilitates mask inspection for EUV lithography. It is required for the mass production process for the next generation of semiconductors. The BDS ensures that different, independent laser beams are accurately focused at the same location. The powerful laser beams then evaporate tin plasma at the location. The evaporation process produces EUV light, which is used for mask inspection.

It is in part thanks to this system that semiconductor chips are becoming smaller, cheaper, and smarter, and in turn, so are devices that you use every day, such as your smartphone.

The latest generation of EUV chip

Major global players expect a lot from this new generation of chips machines – that work with EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet Light) technology and make increasingly smaller semiconductors possible. To be able to work with EUV light, the optical part is located within a vacuum, whereby the light is conducted by means of mirrors, rather than lenses.

The opportunities offered by this technology are vast and will allow us to develop even better and more efficient chips in the future.

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