First episode of the Nedinsco series

First episode of the Nedinsco series: CNC setter Matthijs is not only a front-runner in the manufacture of high-tech opto-mechatronic products.

Venlo-based Nedinsco is a Dutch high-tech company specializing in the global development of high-quality systems for the semiconductor, space, and defence markets.
We take responsibility for managing the entire life cycle of the products we supply. This means that we are involved in the customer’s primary question, development, prototyping, and series production, as well as providing maintenance and service support.

Various specialists work on opto-mechatronic products

It’s thanks to our advanced equipment, and in particular our experienced and highly-skilled employees, that we are able to develop and manufacture these high-tech opto-mechatronic products.

One of these specialists is Matthijs, a CNC setter who has been working at Nedinsco for 18 years. In this first instalment of the Nedinsco series, he explains how as a CNC setter he has assisted in the development of high-tech opto-mechatronic products. Once he has completed his precision work and measurements, the product moves on to the optics department, after which it continues to the electronics department for assembly.


CNC setter is not only a front-runner in the manufacture of high-tech opto-mechatronic products

In the film, we see how as a CNC setter at Nedinsco Matthijs leads the engineering field in creating high-tech opto-mechatronic products, as well as how he prepares for the Venloop. The Venloop is a unique running event in Venlo that over the years has gained a great reputation for its atmosphere and enthusiastic crowds. His enthusiasm and commitment are major factors in both disciplines. It’s thanks to Matthijs and all his colleagues that we are able to manufacture your high-tech products.

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