Cooperation between TNO and Nedinsco results in a high-quality optical module for the space industry

TNO is the largest research institute in the Netherlands. They connect people and knowledge to create innovations that strengthen the competitiveness of companies and the welfare of society for the long term.
They do this together with the crème de la crème of the Dutch high-tech companies.

Here at Nedinsco, we are currently working with TNO on the development of pioneering technology for the space industry. Communications between satellites and the Earth currently take place using radio frequency. Nedinsco and TNO are jointly developing a new technology for communications between satellites and the Earth: laser communications.

Laser communication technology offer a number of advantages:

  • Laser communication is faster than communications using radio frequency;
  • Laser communication is safer, and improved safety is urgently needed.


Development of optical modules

Laser communication is possible thanks to a lightweight optical module. Ultimately, the lightweight optical module will be mounted on a satellite and launched into space. It will pick up all the laser signals sent up there and convert them into data. This optical module makes safer and faster laser communications possible between satellites and the Earth.

Nedinsco is responsible for the design, development, and actual production of the lightweight optical modules, including the assembly of the optical elements and the extensive testing of the modules. Environmental requirements, risk minimization, and tolerance analysis are central aspects of the testing process.

Cooperation between TNO and Nedinsco results in a high-quality optical module

The space industry is innovative, modern, and high-tech.
Here at Nedinsco we are constantly working on the challenge of developing innovative technologies; technologies that are also of interest for other markets in which we are active. We are delighted to be able to work with strategic partners such as TNO.

Niel Truyens, Senior Business Developer at TNO, on Nedinsco

“Five years ago, we started working together on the development of a new system for space technology.
We consider it important to work together with the real top-notch parties in the industry: 
companies that can produce the best and meet very high quality standards, and that can also offer series production. And Nedinsco excels at that!”

The collaboration between Nedinsco and TNO is set to last for decades to come. We are very happy with the development of the new laser technology for the space industry. In addition, there are plenty more opportunities and innovation drives that we want to develop further together on the basis of current and new technologies.

If you have any questions about the optical module described above, if you are curious about what we could offer, or if you are facing a particular challenge relating to a system, instrument, or component, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help you.