Nedinsco is proud to be a SEMI® member

Nedinsco designs, develops and produces optical modules for guidance and high-precision parts, as well as optical modules for alignment, measurement and control. Those are supplied to semiconductor parties and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Nedinsco has impressive strengths in the semiconductor world through its in-depth, in-house expertise, with a constant focus on the customer. Our development capability and high-quality engineering are recognised by renowned international companies like: Saab AB, ASML, Hensoldt and many more.

With rapid advances in electronics technology, semiconductors play a critical role in innovation and product differentiation. SEMI is the right association for further technology innovation in the world of semiconductors. As a SEMI member Nedinsco is among the key technology, material and service providers.

About SEMI®

SEMI® connects more than 2,100 member companies and 1.3 million professionals worldwide to advance the technology and business of electronics design and manufacturing. SEMI members are responsible for the innovations in materials, design, equipment, software, devices, and services that enable smarter, faster, more powerful, and more affordable electronic products. Electronic System Design Alliance (ESD Alliance), FlexTech, the Fab Owners Alliance (FOA) and the MEMS & Sensors Industry Group (MSIG) are SEMI Strategic Association Partners, defined communities within SEMI focused on specific technologies.

SEMI membership will give Nedinsco access to SEMI core competencies such as global scope, advanced technology, connected to the leading firms, and supportive of the critical collaborations that support industry progress.

Learn more about Nedinsco and our technologies:

A sustainable future

Nedinsco delivers high-performance optomechatronics solutions for a range of industries.

We do this with state-of-the-art equipment for all processes. All operations are carried out on machines that are capable of ensuring the smallest possible tolerances – both for mechanical operations and surface treatments. If a new innovation becomes available, Nedinsco has the capability to implement it immediately. A team of highly trained employees combined with state-of-the-art equipment allows us to deliver the product quality that you would expect from Nedinsco.

But you can expect us to do more

Nedinsco is also focused on environmentally-conscious production, and we strive to conserve energy, reduce waste, and recycle residual materials across all of our processes. In our daily operations, we ensure that nothing that we do is unnecessarily harmful to the environment, either directly or directly, allowing us to create an environmentally conscious working environment in which we can continue to introduce improvements, where possible.

New sustainable wash unit, RO unit, and electrical boiler

Nedinsco has introduced a number of new environmentally-conscious changes in 2019, including the acquisition of a bespoke wash unit. The wash unit is equipped with a high-pressure cleaner and 3000-litre storage tank.

We have also acquired a new RO unit for the production of demineralized water for use in the galvanizing workshop and production. This will eliminate the need for water purification, significantly reducing the number of chemicals used. This RO unit is also more economical than its predecessor.

  • Old
  • New

Finally, we have also purchased new electrical boilers to heat the paint shop. In the future, these new electrical boilers will also allow us to heat the baths in the galvanizing workshop. The new boilers consume no gas whatsoever, helping us to reduce our CO2 emissions.

These developments and our continuous pursuit of environmentally-conscious operations will allow us to make ongoing improvements to our high-tech products and ensure that we continue to produce with the environment in mind.

For further information about our production options, please visit

First episode of the Nedinsco series

First episode of the Nedinsco series: CNC setter Matthijs is not only a front-runner in the manufacture of high-tech opto-mechatronic products.

Venlo-based Nedinsco is a Dutch high-tech company specializing in the global development of high-quality systems for the semiconductor, space, and defence markets.
We take responsibility for managing the entire life cycle of the products we supply. This means that we are involved in the customer’s primary question, development, prototyping, and series production, as well as providing maintenance and service support.

Various specialists work on opto-mechatronic products

It’s thanks to our advanced equipment, and in particular our experienced and highly-skilled employees, that we are able to develop and manufacture these high-tech opto-mechatronic products.

One of these specialists is Matthijs, a CNC setter who has been working at Nedinsco for 18 years. In this first instalment of the Nedinsco series, he explains how as a CNC setter he has assisted in the development of high-tech opto-mechatronic products. Once he has completed his precision work and measurements, the product moves on to the optics department, after which it continues to the electronics department for assembly.


CNC setter is not only a front-runner in the manufacture of high-tech opto-mechatronic products

In the film, we see how as a CNC setter at Nedinsco Matthijs leads the engineering field in creating high-tech opto-mechatronic products, as well as how he prepares for the Venloop. The Venloop is a unique running event in Venlo that over the years has gained a great reputation for its atmosphere and enthusiastic crowds. His enthusiasm and commitment are major factors in both disciplines. It’s thanks to Matthijs and all his colleagues that we are able to manufacture your high-tech products.

If you would like to find out more about Nedinsco, please feel free to get in touch with us. Click here. For more information on Nedinsco’s CNC capabilities, click here.

Sponsor Venloop. Hoogwaardige optomechanische systemen en camera’s.


Nedinsco constantly strives to be at the forefront of developments in high-quality optomechanical systems and cameras. The company develops optical, mechanical, electronic, and software systems in house, just as it does with the production of the required parts, and the surface treatment and specialist cleanroom assembly of these parts.

Having the knowledge and expertise of all these disciplines under one roof is a world first.

A unique event in which Nedinsco also takes part in almost all disciplines is the Venloop. The Venloop is a running event that is organized in Venlo every March. This year, the Venloop will take place on 30 and 31 March. The course runs through the streets of Groot Venlo, with the final few metres crossing the charming Parade before the race finishes in front of the Limburgs Museum.

Besides the half marathon, the Venloop also includes a 10 km and 5 km run and also a range of different walks. In addition, the Venloop wants to encourage youngsters to take up sport and various races are therefore organized for young people in different age categories. The Venloop is all about having fun and is well-known for its fantastic atmosphere. This makes it a very special sporting event.

Nedinsco is one of the sponsors of the Venloop. This year, 50 employees and their relatives will be taking part on behalf of the company, evenly spread out over the disciplines. However, we will be starting and ending together as a team at the Brouwerplaats.

We would like to wish all those taking part every success during this fantastic event.
For more information about the Venloop, see

Nedinsco W3 fair convention

W3 fair convention

W3+ Fair/Convention is the innovative trade fair for companies, technical developers, users, junior staff and decision-makers in the high-tech sectors of optics, electronics and mechanics.

Our technologies at Nedinsco

Nedinsco was founded by Carl Zeiss Jena a world leader in precision optics.

We have development, design & assembly capabilities in the technology fields of optics, mechanics and electronics. We provide customer solutions by effectively combining the three fields or focus on one of them. The customer need is leading us.

Applying our in-house expertise results in high-tech optical products. We design and create the qualified products and manage these for you throughout the complete lifecycle.

W3 fair convention

Are you curious which capabilities we have to offer you? Then come visit us 25 & 26 February at W3+ Fair/Convention in Wetzlar at booth A3.

Make an appointment in advance at a time that suits you.

New unique vision system

Nedinsco is a valuable partner for companies that produce high-precision equipment that embed functionality to guide light and/or reflection. With our extensive experience in the field of Optics, Mechanics and Electronics including software, we design & produce high-end optomechatronical modules & systems for the semiconductor market


Our mission as high-tech company is to deliver high-quality, value-driven solutions supported by world-class customer service. All products are, or custom made, or customer modified according to the highest specification and quality level.

Our newest product is the Depth-View Pro. A unique vision system.



Curious about the Depth-View Pro?

The Depth-View Pro is a unique vision system that sharply images 3D objects with the finest detail at high speed. Unlike other vision solutions, its patent-pending technology effectively combines an extended depth of field with a superior imaging resolution and frame rate.

Visit us at Semicon Europe in Munich hall A4 booth 625 to see the live demonstration! Make an appointment in advance at a time that suits you.

Have you got a optical challenge for us, in need of a creative solution or would you like to know more about our approach or our new unique vision system the Depth-View Pro?

Please provide your contact details and we will get back to you within 48 hours.
Or phone us on +31 (0)77 – 355 87 77.

BCSEMI membership meeting

We are proud to inform you that BCSEMI NL will organize their Membership meeting at Nedinsco on Thursday, October 25th.

BCSEMI NL is an independent foundation.

Their main activities can be mapped on these four pillars:

  • Networking

  • Innovation

  • Shared Infrastructure

  • Internationalization

The presence of the complete value chain, including equipment – from research, to development & design to production and application – makes the Dutch semiconductor ecosystem very attractive for various international partners and companies. BCSEMI NL aims to strengthen this cluster by stimulating cooperation, initiating new innovation projects and facilitating crossovers projects between semiconductors as a key enabling technology (KET) and various applications in other sectors such as: Automotive, Health and Energy.

Check the program below:


13:30 Welcome
14:00 BCSEMI NL update by Barry Peet

14:15 Presentation
Guido Knippels,
Director ASM PT Netherlands

14:45 “Laser Communication Project”
by Christ Gruijters
Project Manager, Nedinsco

15:00 “Introduction on Nedinsco”
by Geert Smits
Director Nedinsco

15:30 Tour at Nedinsco

16:00 Network and drinks

Invest in Venlo

Venlo is an important center for high-tech and manufacturing industry, and Nedinsco is proud to be part of it!

Watch the video here

Nedinsco joins Sail Den Helder 2017

Nedinsco is part of Sail Den Helder 2017!

We are really looking forward to this fantastic event, you can find us at the Karel Doorman.

We are demonstrating our newest products and the most accurate Boresight found on today’s market.

So join us and be inspired!

SAIL Den Helder is, with the backdrop of the international Tall Ships the biggest 2017 public event in the Netherlands. A magnificent nautical event in the northern part of North Holland.

The first time Sail Den Helder took place was in July 1993. It coincided with the 36th Navy Day, called in those days The National Fleet Days, during which Dutch warships like the M-frigate HNLMS Tjerk Hiddes and two submarines as well as warships from Nato-partners were open to the public. Den Helder acted as assembly point for sailing vessels, amongst them the Sedov and the Dar Mlodziezy, participating in a sailing race via Newcastle in Great Britain to Norway and Denmark. In addition to all this on Friday and Saturday the Veterans Days were held for the New Guinea and Korea veterans.

We hope to see you there!

For more info about the event, click here

Visit to the war museum Overloon

A few weeks ago we visited the war museum in Overloon for our Boresight campaign.

We were able to make some beautiful pictures for our campaign and we would like to thank the museum for their hospitality.

For more info about the museum, check their website.