BCSEMI membership meeting

We are proud to inform you that BCSEMI NL will organize their Membership meeting at Nedinsco on Thursday, October 25th.

BCSEMI NL is an independent foundation.

Their main activities can be mapped on these four pillars:

  • Networking

  • Innovation

  • Shared Infrastructure

  • Internationalization

The presence of the complete value chain, including equipment – from research, to development & design to production and application – makes the Dutch semiconductor ecosystem very attractive for various international partners and companies. BCSEMI NL aims to strengthen this cluster by stimulating cooperation, initiating new innovation projects and facilitating crossovers projects between semiconductors as a key enabling technology (KET) and various applications in other sectors such as: Automotive, Health and Energy.

Check the program below:


13:30 Welcome
14:00 BCSEMI NL update by Barry Peet

14:15 Presentation
Guido Knippels,
Director ASM PT Netherlands

14:45 “Laser Communication Project”
by Christ Gruijters
Project Manager, Nedinsco

15:00 “Introduction on Nedinsco”
by Geert Smits
Director Nedinsco

15:30 Tour at Nedinsco

16:00 Network and drinks