A sustainable future

Nedinsco delivers high-performance optomechatronics solutions for a range of industries.

We do this with state-of-the-art equipment for all processes. All operations are carried out on machines that are capable of ensuring the smallest possible tolerances – both for mechanical operations and surface treatments. If a new innovation becomes available, Nedinsco has the capability to implement it immediately. A team of highly trained employees combined with state-of-the-art equipment allows us to deliver the product quality that you would expect from Nedinsco.

But you can expect us to do more

Nedinsco is also focused on environmentally-conscious production, and we strive to conserve energy, reduce waste, and recycle residual materials across all of our processes. In our daily operations, we ensure that nothing that we do is unnecessarily harmful to the environment, either directly or directly, allowing us to create an environmentally conscious working environment in which we can continue to introduce improvements, where possible.

New sustainable wash unit, RO unit, and electrical boiler

Nedinsco has introduced a number of new environmentally-conscious changes in 2019, including the acquisition of a bespoke wash unit. The wash unit is equipped with a high-pressure cleaner and 3000-litre storage tank.

We have also acquired a new RO unit for the production of demineralized water for use in the galvanizing workshop and production. This will eliminate the need for water purification, significantly reducing the number of chemicals used. This RO unit is also more economical than its predecessor.

  • Old
  • New

Finally, we have also purchased new electrical boilers to heat the paint shop. In the future, these new electrical boilers will also allow us to heat the baths in the galvanizing workshop. The new boilers consume no gas whatsoever, helping us to reduce our CO2 emissions.

These developments and our continuous pursuit of environmentally-conscious operations will allow us to make ongoing improvements to our high-tech products and ensure that we continue to produce with the environment in mind.

For further information about our production options, please visit https://nedinsco.com/en/hi-tech-company/